• AlwaysON,  SQL party

    AlwaysON RECOVERY PENDING SQL Server Bugs Enhancement Requests T-SQL Tuesday

    This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is “SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests” and hosted by my favorite and inspirational Brent Ozar.     Here is my bug report: https://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/3022019 and it is still in active. It happen one of my production database, when I tried to remove the database from alwaysON and other important databases went recovery pending and inaccessible. I have no idea what happened to all other databases, then I came to know it is a bug.   ” The issue is when the database removed from the primary replica, with the secondary disconnection the higher database IDs on the secondary went into “NOT SYNCHRONIZED and RECOVERY PENDING” state,…

  • Performance,  SQL party

    Merge join Vs Hash join Vs Nested loop join

      This month’s TSQL Tuesday party is being hosted by Stuart R Ainsworth (Blog| Twitter). I am very glad to write my first blog post as t-SQL Tuesday post on my newly designed website. SQL server has three types of internal joins. I know most of folks never heard this join type because it’s not logical join and it’s not often used in their codes. Then, when it will be used? Well the answer is “it depends”. This means it depends upon the record sets and indexes. The query optimizer will be smart and always try to pick up the most optimal physical joins. As we know SQL optimizer creates…

  • Performance,  SQL party

    T-SQL best practice SQL server

    SQL server T-SQL best practice This month’s TSQL Tuesday party is being hosted by Amit Banerjee (Blog | Twitter). He is working with Microsoft and see here his online activities MSDN. The topic this month is T-SQL best practice. It’s the both DBA and developers Topic/Job. Transact SQL is the best tool to improve the SQL server overall performance. You write your code efficiently then you no need to spend lots of money to buy extra resources like hardware, RAM etc… So the coders/developers have to know the best practice. He or She does a good job (writing correct codes) then, There is no work for the DBAs. There is lots of T-SQL best practice available…

  • DR/HA,  SQL party

    SQL server Disaster Recovery and High availability HADR basic

    SQL server Disaster Recovery Options This month’s TSQL Tuesday party is being hosted by Allen Kinsel (Blog | Twitter) and the topic this month is disaster recovery. It’s a DBA Topic/Job. What is disaster recovery DR and HA high availability HA? Both are best option for the business to minimize their data loss and downtime. The SQL server has a number of native options. It is depends upon your recovery time objective RTO and recovery point objective RPO. That is how much data can you afford to lose? How long can you wait? How much money do you ready to spend? If you have answers for these questions then, you can…

  • SQL party

    Meme Monday: I Got 99 SQL Problems And the Disk Ain’t One

      Meme Monday: I Got 99 SQL Problems and the Disk Ain’t One I am a bit late to this party. I have seen this post from Grant’s blog now only. Thanks to Thomas LaRock such a great topic. Here is mine:   1. Too many indexes on a table Developers didn’t check their codes and an execution plan too. They just go and create the indexes (Duplicate indexes too).   2. Improper memory setting Improper min, max memory setting especially for 64-bit servers.   3. Improperly configured transaction log Whenever I got a new server, I have seen log backups are failing because, there is no current database backup. BACKUP LOG cannot be…

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