For any SQL administrator freelance, please contact me –

We have team in India and will do it in best price. The price is based on number of servers, databases, application and support required timeline etc. In general small business does not have database administrator to maintain and safeguard client data. It is trust on both side to have collaborative work, since we are managing your data.

Think about, the database got corrupted / malfunction. Someone deleted data or updated without where clause in their code. How do you bring that particular table with all data. VMware / storage snapshot will not work all the time, since it will snapshot whatever it has and it not check corrupted or malfunction etc.

Our DBA Services:

  • SQL server security hardening
  • Installing and configuring SQL server
  • Backup your database to safeguard data from disaster, manual deletion / update etc.
  • Performance tuning to make database and website run faster
  • Implement HADR high availability and disaster recovery
  • Managing database with daily health check report email
  • Ongoing issue troubleshooting and fixing
  • Maintenance of database server – backup database, consistency corruption check etc.
  • Disaster recovery test from live production to other server based on your requirements

It is kind of end to end support. We provide to the clients. Please contact us to discuss further.