SQL server best Tools

In this post I am going to share SQL server DBAs best free/trail tools which I am using and which will help day to day DBA activities.

1. DBATools PowerShell

“DBATools PowerShell automation” is one of the best free script based tool, which we can automate everything, I just started using recently to patch large number of database servers.

You can install or import into your PowerShell: https://dbatools.io/

How to use:  https://www.sqlserverblogforum.com/powershell/patch-update-apply-and-automate-sql-server-patch-for-multiple-servers-patching-compliance-by-dbatools-powershell/

2. SQL Server Sentry Plan Explorer

“SQL Server Sentry Plan Explorer” is a tool that will give you awesome and quick overview of query plan usage and problem. It is a free tool given to SQL community. Just install and play it. It will not give you any query result only show you the plan, but it will run the real code, before run check the DML and convert or remove it.

You can download here: https://www.sentryone.com/plan-explorer

How to use:  https://sqlserverblogforum.com/dba/reading-execution-plan-sql-server-use-of-plan-explorer/

3. SQL Server Maintenance Plan Script

“SQL Server Maintenance Plan Script” is a stored procedure written by Ola Hallengren. By using this script you can automate all your database maintenance.

You can download here: http://ola.hallengren.com/

How to use: https://sqlserverblogforum.com/dba/setup-ola-hallengren-maintenance-script/

4. Who Is Active

“Who Is Active” is a stored procedure written by Adam Machanic. By using this script you can easily find your current transaction activity.

You can download here: http://whoisactive.com/

How to use: https://sqlserverblogforum.com/2016/07/whoisactive-capturing-a-sql-server-queries-performance-tuning/


“SP_BLITZ” is a stored procedure written by Brent Ozar. The script will give you about the fast health check on your SQL Server and you can schedule it a job to store the historical data of performance baseline.

You can download here: http://www.brentozar.com/blitz/

How to use: https://sqlserverblogforum.com/dba/how-to-use-blitz-brent-ozar-first-responder-kit/

6. SQL server Version history

This website is storing a SQL server version build history and up-to date releases in one place.


7. SQL heartbeat

SQL heartbeat is a free tool. This will give you about the server wait, cache graph and each user SPID (transaction) details etc.

You can download here: http://www.sqlsolutions.com/products/Heartbeat/index.html

8. SQL Server Upgrade Advisor

SQL server upgrade advisor is a Microsoft free tool. This will be useful for SQL server upgrade. Download the right SQL UA edition.

You can download here: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=11455


SQLIOSIM is a Microsoft free tool. This will help you to determine the server I/O capacity.

You can download here:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/231619

10. Instant SQL Formatter

Instant SQL Formatter is a free web tool. This will be useful to the developers and DBAs to organise their codes.

You can use your codes here: http://www.dpriver.com/pp/sqlformat.htm?ref=g_wangz

This post will update occasionally whenever I find a new tool. From number 7 to 10 are outdated now.


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