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Meme Monday: I Got 99 SQL Problems And the Disk Ain’t One



Meme Monday: I Got 99 SQL Problems and the Disk Ain’t One
I am a bit late to this party. I have seen this post from Grant’s blog now only. Thanks to Thomas LaRock such a great topic.

Here is mine:


1. Too many indexes on a table

Developers didn’t check their codes and an execution plan too. They just go and create the indexes (Duplicate indexes too).


2. Improper memory setting

Improper min, max memory setting especially for 64-bit servers.


3. Improperly configured transaction log

Whenever I got a new server, I have seen log backups are failing because, there is no current database backup.

BACKUP LOG cannot be performed because there is no current database backup.


4. Poor backup strategy

No SLA for the backups (data) from the customer/Manager.


5. Company didn’t believe the DBAs

The important (wealth) project was not running fine. The company suddenly called a consultant even they didn’t consider the DBA but, finally the problem solved by the DBA.


6. Rebuilding an index run first then shrinks the database

I have seen in most of the servers a rebuild jobs run first then shrink database runs next.


7. Linked server issue

Often I got called from teams the linked server was not working fine. It’s return timeout error.


8. Poorly written queries using a Non SARG-able


9. No Standard operating procedures



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