Oracle 10g & 11g Tuning features-19


10g & 11g Tuning features


10G features:

ASSM- Automatic segment space management.

It’s a query tuning based feature. We can do a rebuild online.

Sql> alter table emp enable row movement;

Sql> alter table emp shrink space;

We can de-fragment the table by using above two methods.  Internally, it will move the data block by block and there will be slowness.

Sql> alter table emp shrink space compact;  – Compact only work, when the table is not used by anyone.

Sql> alter table emp shrink space cascade;  – It will shrink both  table and indexes.

We can use advisory to use the better option.

Sql> select * from dba_advisor_logs;


Sql> alter table emp disable row movement;

Best practice: Use alter shrink.

ASMM – Automatic shared memory management

It’s a memory based feature. Dynamic parameter.


SGA_Target= sga_max_size – Equal or Less than  that

SGA_Target < sga_max_size

SGA_Target will control the following parameters.

Shared_pool_size, DB_cache_size, large_pool_size & Java_pool_size. Default it will be zero.

SGA_Target will not control the following parameters.

Log_buffer, DB_keep_cache_size, DB_recycle_cache & streams_pool_size.

SGA_Target is not have space, use below query and get advice.

Sql> select * from v$sga_target_advice;


11G features:

AMM – Automatic memory management

Dynamic parameter.

Memory_target = Memory_max_target

Memory_target < Memory_max_target

Memory_target = SGA_target+ PGA_Aggregate_target – It will handle both.


Sql> alter system set memory_max_target = 16G scope=spfile;

Sql> alter system set memory_target = 12G scope=spfile;

Sql> alter system set SGA_target = 0 scope=spfile;

Sql> alter system set PGA_aggregate_target = 0 scope=spfile; Create a pfile.

Sql>shutdown immediate; –

SQL> startup

We can get advice from advisory .

Sql> select * from v$memory_target_advice;


Automatic undo retention tuning


Undo_retention= 900



How to fix ORA-1555 snapshot old error.

We can set undo grantee .

Sql> select grantee from v$tablespace;

Sql> alter tablespace undotbs1 retention grantee / nograntee;


Check the retention grantee needed.

Sql> select * from v$undo_advice;

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