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SQL oracle difference concepts architecture

In this post, I am just referring similar to the concept to understand better, but it is not exactly same as what I have referred.

Oracle SQL Comments
System Master
SYSAUX Resource
temporary TempDB More than one & User can have their own
There is no TempDB and it doesn’t need to re-create
DESCRIBE sp_help dba_views
Identity Sequence Auto generate number
DBMS_SCHEDULER / OEM-Oracle Scheduler SQL Agent
SMON Recovery
PMON User kill/rollback
show parameter sp_configure
Pfile & Spfile SQL server property you can change system and session level
Data file Data file
ARCHIVELOG mode Full mode
NOARCHIVELOG mode Simple mode Default one
Redo log Transaction log
Archive log backup Transaction log backup
Control files Startup Parameters
Database Instance
Block Page
Extent Extent
Tablespace Filegroup/ database
Schema Schema/users
TNS listener Tcp/IP Protocols
Default Port – 1521 Default Port – 1433
Fast_Start_MTTR_Traget recovery interval Checkpoint action
DBA_* sys.*
Oracle_Home SQL default location C:\ Installation
SID SID Both are opposite
collation collation In Oracle there is no object level setting
DBVERIFY check CheckDB
DBMS_STATS.GATHER_* sp_updatestats
ANALYZE TABLE table_name VALIDATE STRUCTURE dm_db_index_physical_stats
SQL Server Options Oracle Options
Clustering Real Application Clusters (RAC)
Log shipping Data Guard (primary and standby databases)
Replication Streams/Advanced Replication
Database mirroring

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