Database Transaction log file full in the full recovery model

    I am seeing in more environment the database recovery model is set FULL and there is no transaction log backup scheduled and the log files are growing bigger, until it reaches a file system space. Me: Hello sir, May I know the reason, why we set the database in full and not taking any transaction log backup. John: I do not know, but it is good to have a database in full mode. Me: No sir, We are having an issue whenever there is a high load in the transaction by application or re-indexing , the transaction log file gets full and we are running out of space. John: So…

  • DBA,  Scripts

    Find the database free space sql server The transaction log for database is full

    The transaction log for database is full. To find out why space in the log cannot be reused OR Could not allocate space for object because the filegroup is full Reema: Hello DBA it seems our application not working today. We got some error it looks like some problem with the database. DBA: This error mostly occurs because of insufficient space on the drive. Have you checked the drive space? Reema: Yeah, I have checked the drive space in a server –> my computer. It looks I have plenty of space on the server. DBA: Can you check the database auto growth setting in the database? Reema: I have 30…

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